Central Hudson Business Energy Savings

Central Hudson

Energy Management Solutions is pleased to announce we are working the newly announced Central Hudson Business Energy SavingsCentral program. If you’re a company looking to go green and save money and your in the Central Hudson Zone contact EMS immediately to insure you get your share of the coming incentives.

Business Energy SavingsCentral

The Business Energy SavingsCentral program is for non-residential customers of Central Hudson with electric demand of less than 100 kilowatts. This includes businesses, local governments, not-for-profits, private institutions, public and private schools, colleges and healthcare facilities.

The program offers a free energy audit by one of Central Hudson’s participating Trade Allies or representative of Central Hudson, a report detailing where efficiency measures can produce the most savings, the cost of installing each measure, the expected payback period for each installation, and rebates up to 70 percent of the equipment cost of a qualified efficiency upgrade. Eligible measures to be installed by customers in the Business Energy SavingsCentral Program may include:

  • Lighting measures involving several different fixture types, including pin-base CFL lamps, LED exit signs and refrigerator case lighting, 4-foot and 8-foot T8 and T5 lamps, T8 relamp / reballast, super T-8 fixtures, high-bay fluorescent fixtures, pulse-start metal halides (indoor/outdoor), occupancy sensing (wall-mount and ceiling-mount) and daylight-dimming controls
  • Combination of high efficiency central air conditioning and air source heat pump units
  • Ground source heat pump units and heat pump water heaters
  • A variety of motors, motor controls (i.e., variable speed drives or VSDs), refrigeration measures, and other custom measures.

The Business Energy SavingsCentral program will rebate approximately 70 percent of the equipment cost of each energy efficiency upgrade. A Central Hudson representative will inspect the project based on the quality assurance plan at completion to verify that the upgrade matches the performance specified in the auditor’s proposal.


his energy efficiency program will become operational on May 18. Central Hudson will use newspaper, Internet, radio, television, bill inserts, and community fairs to spread the word about the energy efficiency programs in the coming weeks and months. An external call center has been arranged for SavingsCentral; customers may reach it by dialing (800) 515-5353.

Central Hudson’s Trade Allies (local heating, plumbing and HVAC contractors) will play an important role in reaching out to customers interested in making energy efficiency upgrades. Trade Allies can participate in this program as installers or auditors by signing a participation agreement. Contractors certified by the Building Performance Institute (link to bpi approval page) (BPI) will be eligible for extra incentives under the Home Energy SavingsCentral program.

The energy efficiency programs offered to customers now are two of several approved by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) over the past two years. With direction from the PSC, Central Hudson is collaborating with several other New York utilities and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to save energy statewide. If more programs are approved for Central Hudson’s customers, they will be detailed at: www.SavingsCentral.com