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EMS Starts 10,000 Unit Project with NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority)

EMS and Comverge team up to launch a major effort to help NYCHA save energy cost.  
EMS’s commercial retrofitting division will be installing new kitchen lights and CFL bulbs in 10,000 units.They will also be retrofitting over 10,000 fixtures in hallways, machine rooms and lobbies.

EMS just completed over 2000 units in one of NYCHA’s senior citizens complexes.

Rudy Scott and Dave Hepinstall plan Multi Family energy project.

Dave Hepinstall, Chairman of B.P.I. and the Executive Director of the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA) discusses with Rudy Scott, Energy Management Solutions role in the Con Ed Multi Family program.

Energy Management Solutions will help market the program, audit the buildings, and install electrical Energy Management Systems (EMS), energy saving bulbs and gas saving devices into Con Ed user 5 to 75 unit buildings.

The strategic partnership will make a positive energy impact by delivering the Con Edison Multi Family program to key communities in New York.

Sebastien of EMS researching new and improved technologies!

Check out Sebastien of EMS staying ahead of the curve by researching new and improved technologies.
In the Weatherization world nothing comes easy.  Sebastien Desrochers a lead Certified Energy Auditor is always searching for new and improved ways to add value to his customers.  If his customers only knew how hard he works for them they would really feel special.  Sebastien is always willing to put in the extra hour or go the extra mile for the success of his projects.

EMS meets with Senator Carlucci.

Carlucci: NY Power Act to Green Homes & Businesses, Save Money, Create Jobs

EMS and NHSNYC partner up!

EMS and NHSNYC (Neighborhood Housing Services of N.Y.City) are proud to announce a new (M.O.U.) Memorandum of Understanding.

EMS is invited to the Omega Institute.

EMS’s Rudy Scott and Tino Baguio were invited to the Omega Institute  to participate in a two day forum focused on local Green Initiatives.  

Green Action Plan Seminar

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February 24, 2010

Come and join us.

EMS's Green University has Launched

November 5, 2009

We know it’s not like NASA launching a Space Shuttle but this week we were just as proud as astronauts when EMS's Green University went live by interactive remote video to several locations.

“From theory to real word business application we have green tech education covered. Our program offers educators access to our distant learning program. Students are able to interact with professors in real time via online chat, email, sms and teleconferencing. Lessons are archived and are available as study guides until exam periods. We provide a unique and well thought out distant learning platform in green training.” 

BPI Certification Study Group

June 16, 2009

Dr. William J Makofske helps Energy Management Solutions employees study for a BPI (Building Performance Institute) exam. We are happy to announce almost everyone passed the test. If you are having someone work or test your home using only BPI Certified companies ensures an accurate and safe result.

Sensor Switch Demo at 5 Penn Plaza

May 24, 2009

Being one of the few companies actually doing green tech work, the Energy Management Solutions team were invited to a seminar by Sensor Switch. Sensor’s are another important tool a business or residence should use to reduce it’s overall energy usage. EMS consultants can help you choose where and when Sensor’s will be a good option in your overall energy reduction initiatives.