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EMS basement solutions

Basement Solutions

The InSoFast panels are made up of a fire-retardant foam. This type of foam is rated for below grade applications and does not adsorb moisture like the open-cell type of bead board.  Learn more about EMS basement solutions.




EMS window solutions

Window Solutions

QUANTAPANEL Insulating Glass System (IGS) can economically solve a key area of your home's energy loss problem by mazimizing the energy efficiency of your existing windows.  Learn more about EMS window solutions.




EMS solar services


Solar electricity is no longer the energy of the future; it's the energy of today! By making solar truly affordable and accessible, EMS has made it possible for everyone to reduce or eliminate electric bills while improving the quality of our environment. Learn more about EMS solar services.



EMS Advanced Energy Panels

Advanced Energy Panels 

Advanced Energy Panels are not storm windows, nor are they replacement windows. Rather, they are a window insulation panel made to insulate those drafty windows that you have now.




EMS Energy Efficient Lighting Services

Energy Efficient Lighting

Commercial grade high quality compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs. Not only can you reduce your energy cost dramatically by changing your old incandescent bulb but you can improve the quality of light. Learn more about EMS lighting services.




Power Factor CorrectionPower Factor Correction

Reduce energy bills and to prolong the productive life cycles of motors and appliances by reducing the reactive power (kVAR) that is needed from the electric utility. Money isn't all that you are saving when you use EMS. products. It's an energy-wise purchasing decision with many positive environmental implications.Learn more about power factor correction.