With one call you can have access to all of these professional services.

Utility Bill Analysis

Utility companies make so many errors on client's bills it created a whole industry. We are able to properly analyze your bill to catch costly errors with your bill... Read More »

Energy Auditing

Utility companies have had the pleasure of a monopoly for many years. Utilities are now deregulated in 43 states; this allows our company to negotiate a lower utility rate for your company... Read More »

Building Envelope Testing

We install insulation and other technologies, to improve the buildings envelope if necessary... Read More »

Lighting Upgrades

We can lower your lighting cost by 50%. If you have already installed energy saving bulbs we can still save you an additional 15% savings... Read More »

Heating System Evaulation

Energy Management Solutions will save you up to 40% on your monthly heating cost... Read More »

Air Conditioning System Evaluation

We will save you up to 40% on your monthly cooling cost... Read More »

Power Factor Correction

Many utility companies charge a penalty for inefficient motors. (heat, air, pumps, etc.) This means you are paying much more for your utilities to run an inefficient motor plus your paying the penalty... Read More »

Grant & Rebate Programs

Almost every state has an energy saving grant program. We do all the research, and file the grants for you... Read More »

Tax Credits

The Federal Government offers a Tax Energy Credit to you for energy saving investments in your building. This credit comes right off your tax bill, and can be as high as $1.81 per square foot... Read More »

Energy Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your building real time over the Internet. We will know if your building is about to have a problem. This is the most efficient way to make sure your electrical system stays healthy... Read More »