Solar Thermal

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Why Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal is among the best ways to help reduce green-house emissions. Homes and commercial buildings account for around 70% of green-house gas emissions through heating water. Utilizing solar thermal technology can extend the life of your water heating equipment increasing its cost effectiveness saving you money while saving the environment.

Solar Thermal Technology Benefits

  • Unlike coal, solar power is a renewable resource.
  • Solar power reduces our dependence on foreign energy.
  • Solar Thermal technology is proven - the first US solar water heater was patented in 1891
  • Solar Thermal technology can be used to displace traditional water heating in homes and businesses
  • Water heating accounts for 25% of total household energy consumption - a solar thermal water heater
    can displace an average of 2 tons of CO2 annually
  • Government incentives and a high cost of power make solar thermal a cost-effective solution

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